meet sharphawk

Founded in 2018 by Nigel Borg, sharphawk is a marketing agency properly built by Gen Z,
for today’s modern world. Originally known as NB Media, it first started off with Nigel as a
17 year old freelancer, who then opened the company and employed the first team member in

Fast forward a couple of years, we have worked on several projects with recognisable
organisations and brands such as the NSO, Stivala Group, Tex Mex and more.

These projects vary from Branding to Campaigns to Web Development and other Marketing practices – and that’s pretty much what we do. With our team of inhouse designers, strategists, marketers and others, we ara capable of providing endless solutions to our clients at an efficient timeframe and cost.

Now, one might ask, where did the name sharphawk actually come from? Digging deep within our values, we wanted to ensure that our name is a true reflection of why our agency exists and why brands need our service. Essentailly, when collaborating with brands, our mission is always to help them grow more, reach more and most importantly sell more. Be it through a rebrand, a new website or social media management, the aim is always to help the business increase brand recognition and generate more leads

And that’s how sharphawk came about. With the word ‘hawk’ being another term used in reference to highly aggressive selling, and us being there to fine tune the selling process, we believed that sharphawk would be the perfect representation of our brand. ​


PS. Our Graphic Designer also thinks hawks are pretty cool birds, just because they see things better… 🤷‍♂️

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