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''in a world where many businesses make empty promises or fail to deliver, it is refreshing to deal with Sharphawk. They have constantly delivered quality, on time and at an agreeable fee. They have gone the extra mile just to make sure, as a client, I am happy''

Derrick Maguire
CEO Luxfair Real Estate

Working with Sharphawk has been a great overall experience. From the start, they have always went out of their way to assist me with my brand.

Leonardo Brunetti
Director ER Projects

Having worked with other companies, the best thing about working with Sharpawk is that we can start a project and finish it in a timely manner, with the least possible amount of stoppages.

Conrad Borg
Director at GP Borg Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Although by no means do we believe that having your own in-house Marketing team is a bad idea, every business owner should consider the fact that building a Marketing department with marketers, designers and others, might come at a hefty cost. And this is where our team can come in handy. sharphawk offers the use of designers, strategists, digital gurus and more at a much lesser cost of that when hiring.

Disclaimer: If you already have an in-house team, but you still feel like you need some more edge in your marketing, by working together we can find the perfect way of how we can seamlessly fit with your department and take your marketing to the next level!

There are 2 factors when calculating the price which we charge for our services – These are 1. Time and 2. Client Return. Just like any other service provider, we invest our time and put in our experience into every project which we take on, and that comes at a certain cost. Furthermore, we also consider the value which is added to our client’s business through our service, and to which extent will this benefit their company.

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